Staff Profiles


Nicky Ostrom
Early Childhood Degree
Bachelor of Primary Teaching
Monash Lecturer

Nicky has a range of experiences to offer as the CEO of Teacher Relief Services. She began her working life within the Banking sector both within branches and also in data processing. Then a short stint in the Victorian Police Force created the need for some decisions to be made and that was to go back to study. After reassessing what exactly she would like to do, Nicky did a Certificate of Physical Education before attending Monash to complete an Early Childhood Diploma.

After graduating she began her teaching career in England as a CRT in Primary before returning to Melbourne to teach Kindergarten for the next six years.  Nicky then proceeded to have two children and worked part time as an Office Manager for Australian Unity before returning to CRT work on the Peninsula and Casey area.  This then led to a year teaching Kindergarten at Pearcedale Pre-School and the following year starting at Pearcedale Primary School as a P.E. Specialist amongst other positions which included Grade Five teacher, Art specialist, and Intervention. During this time, she completed her fourth year at Monash to obtain her Bachelor of Primary.

During the eight years of teaching at Pearcedale, she also spent five years lecturing and taking tutorials at Monash University, Peninsula campus within the Primary Education Sector. This involved a range of subjects including Health, P.E. and sports injuries. She also began studying her Master’s in Education.

After taking a break from all teaching to travel around Australia with the family, Nicky returned to teaching at Pearcedale for the next two years.

It was in January 2010 that she took over management of Teacher Relief Services before purchasing the company in June 2010. Using the skills obtained through this access to education and personnel, Nicky personally overseas all placements and is very conscious of making a valued and carefully selected decision when placing a booking. It is the benchmark of the company to carefully screen every teacher with regard to professionalism, efficiency and versatility. Schools are then able to request teachers that they prefer and it is important to maintain a high level of service both for the schools and the teachers.


Trish Papettas

Bachelor of Primary Teaching

Qualified Yoga Teacher

Trish also brings a range of experience to Teacher Relief with regard to life and teaching experience. Trish began her teaching career as a mature aged student after many years of corporate work and having a family. Trish commenced her teaching career with Kingsley Park Primary School , where she can still be found part time.  She has taught grades from 3-6, Art and is currently teaching grade 3/4.

During Trish’s years of teaching she has also worked part time as a CRT plus Teacher Relief as an Office Manager and has received her qualifications as a yoga teacher.

Now Trish divides her time between three careers – Teaching, Office Manager and Yoga teaching in Mornington.

Trish brings to the agency a wealth of life experience plus a thorough understanding of Education and the importance of selecting the most appropriate choice of teacher for the position needed. She is current with the demands of teaching, the knowledge required and the level of professional standards required to work effectively within this field. Her knowledge is valued extensively and with her range of skills provides a very professional and efficient element to Teacher Relief.