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The following are some sites deemed to be of educational value for Teachers and children. They may be useful in obtaining information for projects, for planning family outings or for accessing web sites that have been identified as suitable for children.

You'll find FREE lesson plans covering a variety of curriculum areas.

The contents of those sites and their subsequent links reflect the views or opinions of the people who run them, not the school. We recommend that whenever children are exploring the internet they do so in a supervised capacity to guide them to appropriate resources and places.


Maths - These sites are divided into sections and cover all areas of maths. Please report any broken links.
Sovereign Hill - Relive the history and excitement of the goldrush days with this interactive and informative web site.
ABC The Playground - Access to popular children's television sites and links to related children's web sites.
Melbourne Zoo - This site keeps you up to date with all that is happening at the zoo, holiday programs, special kids days etc. It also provides great links to other zoos and conservation organisations.
Scienceworks - The interactive display showcasing the many amazing aspects of the world of science (includes planetarium).
Melbourne Museum - Children's Museum: a place of discovery, fun and learning for the whole family.
Education Channel Victoria - State government channel providing enhanced public access and discovery of educational resources for children of all ages, teachers, parents and the wider community.
Aussie Educator - A total education webpage for Australia. Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.
Resources for the classroom teacher - Lesson Plans, Units of Work and Resources to assist Teachers in their Classrooms.
Primary School For Teachers - Planning Tools General, Daily lessons plans available
Virtual Teacher - Dozens of time saving tools, templates and ideas that I have written, trialled and tested, that work.
Teacher Toolkit - The magazine and website for Australian Teachers



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