What Time Will I Be Called?

Calls from schools start coming in from early afternoon, into the evening and in the mornings. Most CRTs prefer to know the night before where they’re heading off to the next day so calls out from Teacher Relief can be as late as 10.00pm. Mornings calls start at 7.00am and are usually finished by 7.45am.

How Much Do I Get Paid If I Work Less Than a Whole Day?

That depends on what part of the day you actually work. When you work a full day you receive a paid 1/2 hour lunch break. If you work part of a day that crosses the lunch break – you are not paid for that 1/2 hour unless you do yard duty. Example 10.00 -2.00: you are there 4 hours but will be paid 3 hours unless you do yard duty (usually 1/2 hr). You are always paid for recess breaks (regardless of doing yard duty or not). It is up to you to let the agency know if you do yard duty when working less that a whole day.


How Much Yard Duty Am I Expected To Do?

Your six hour day consists of five hours of direct teaching and one hour of student supervision. So you can be asked to do yard duty for 15 minutes at recess, 1/2 hour at lunch time and then 15 minutes either before or after school.


What Time Should I Arrive in the Mornings?

The schools would prefer you to arrive at least 1/2hr before the day starts. You also have to allow time to have your documentation checked, find your way to the classroom and then organise activities as required, find a coffee cup, the photocopier, the yard duty timetable.



What If I'm Running Late?

Call the agency and we will let the school know for you.