About Us

Teacher Relief Services provides casual relief teachers to schools. If you cannot find a relief teacher using your regular channels simply call Teacher Relief Services to gain access to a database of teachers.

School staff don’t have time to search for casual staff, save for a small list of people that they could call on.

A central point of organisation benefits both schools and casual teachers, who can rely on Teacher Relief Services to place the right person at short notice.

Teacher relief Services has two customer bases; the educational organisations on the Mornington Peninsula, Cranbourne and Western Port and the casual relief staff that service those organisations. Staff will be directly employed by Teacher Relief Services who will then be able to offer a complete casual relief service to schools.

Teacher Relief Services provides:

Placement of quality casual and short term contract teachers

Skilled and appropriately matched CRTs to Schools

Training programs to CRTs

Recruitment of short-term contract staff

How Teacher Relief Service the needs of schools


Teacher Relief Services is:

a) prompt

b) accessible

c) efficient

d) communicative

e) cost effective

f) places the most effective person possible

g) has an adequate supply of teachers

h) is non-exclusive

Why Use Our Service?

Features & Benefits

Casual Relief staff are directly employed by Teacher Relief Services, who pay wages, group tax, work cover and superannuation contributions – saving office staff hours of work each week.

Schools are invoiced weekly for staff used – this creates savings on transaction costs and time through less bookkeeping.

A 24 hour phone service, with three lines, ensuring Teacher Relief is always accessible.

Relief staff are carefully and discreetly matched to schools’ needs using database information.

Teacher Relief offers CRTs a point of access within the system. A days work through Teacher Relief is one that they otherwise may not have had.

Teachers have choice – they are not telling a school Principal that they don’t want to work with the worry that they wont be called again.

Teachers are paid the award rate that they are entitled to.

Teachers can claim the tax free threshold at every school they work at – creating significant savings each week.

Prompt Service

When the initial call for a teacher comes through the search for a suitable relief teacher begins as soon as possible and the school contact person notified personally.


Twenty-four hour, seven day service. Two phone lines with answering machines and a mobile service ensure that a request for placement is easily lodged and quickly attended to.


By keeping an up to date list of teachers available to work on a daily, weekly and term basis, Teacher Relief knows in advance which teachers to call and adjust as importantly – who not to call. This makes Teacher Relief an efficient organisation.


Teacher Relief works in close liaison with the staff member responsible for finding relief staff. Feedback is sought on teacher performance and suitability and any other issues affecting the possible future employment of relief staff.

Placement Of Effective Staff

Finding the most suitable relief teacher is a task not under taken lightly. When a teacher registers with Teacher Relief they are asked to complete a database information sheet, giving details of work preferences, specialist training, days available to work and distances they are prepared to travel etc. This information is relied on when matching teachers to schools, grade levels and specialist subjects.

How Relief Teaching Works

If a school cannot find a relief teacher using its own resources it is encouraged to call Teacher Relief. The search for the most appropriate teacher begins, using such consideration as school requirements, geography and personal requests.

If the relief teacher chosen is not available, the next most suitable teacher is called, and so on until the vacant position has been filled.

Invoices are prepared every Friday for schools that used Teacher Relief staff that week. Each invoice covers gross wage, superannuation, workcover and a service fee. Terms: 10 Days with provision to charge interest on overdue accounts.

Pay as you go tax is collected on behalf of the Taxation Department and paid monthly. Payment Summaries are distributed at the end of June.

Teacher Relief pays superannuation on every days work. The 9% contribution can be paid into any account that you nominate or we will set you up with Vic Super – the fund used by all government schools in Victoria.

Teacher Relief has always given ‘Choice of Super’ which is now Victorian Government legislation.

All CRTs are covered by work cover in the event of an injury at work.