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Thank you for your query regarding with TRS.

You'll need to provide the following:

1. A copy of your current registration card with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

2. The completed database sheet, registration form and employment declaration form.

3. The signed agreement 'Terms and Conditions of Service'. This will be returned to you after I have signed and copied the last page.

4. Proof of ID - birth certificate plus marriage certificate if there's been a name change.

Click here to request a registration pack via email at     t.relief@bigpond.net.au

 Click here to email TRS

Information on Criminal Records Checks (CRC)

As of Term 1, 2004 the Department of Education & Training (DE&T) has made changes to the way teachers can source a CRC. Any teacher who wishes to work in a DE&T school must have a current Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) card and have a valid and current police clearance.

Teacher Relief Services will only employ teachers, who supply us with certified copies of their br>

  1. Current Provisional VIT card or

  2. Current VIT card with Full Registration and CRC printed on the card or

  3. Current VIT card with Full registration and a DE&T police clearance on DE&T letterhead.

To obtain the relevant forms click on the Victorian Institute of Teaching

Click on Forms

Under Other there are 2 forms needed to be completed.


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